Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows Aluminium Windows Aluminium Windows Aluminium Windows Aluminium Windows
Aluminum is a very light weight, high strength material that is very durable and highly resistant to corrosion. When recycled aluminum loses none of the physical properties which is why it is generally regarded as one of the world’s most sustainable building materials.
In much the same way as everything else in the world has moved on, so too has the technology and design of aluminum windows which are barely recognizable from its 40 year old ancestor.
Today’s aluminum windows are at the pinnacle of architectural glazing solutions. The inherent strength of the frame material allows the frame to be much narrower than the uPVC or timber alternatives also means you can design significantly larger glass areas.
Aesthetically, aluminum is an excellent choice. There are no unsightly welded joints that you get with uPVC, and unlike timber, aluminum will never rot and there is no need to repaint the frames year after year. You can have a choice of literally hundreds of colours and finishes, and the option to have a different colour inside and out.
Combine these advantages with excellent performance in terms of security, thermal insulation, sound insulation and weather proofing, and it’s hard to see why anyone would choose any other material.
Whether you’re renovating, extending an existing property for a more modern appearance, or building a new home, our Contemporary Aluminium system is the perfect solution.
Tecra offers a complete range of bespoke superior quality Aluminium Windows and Doors systems in any RAL colour, subject to preference and final design.